Fall Into Vegetable Gardening
July 26 at the Landing at Myers Park from 9-12.

In Collin County there are many vegetables which grow well in our fall and winter months. Master Gardeners will speak about the right time to plant for a year round garden and the best varieties for our county.

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Jul 24 | 11:30 AM | Myers Park
Jul 26 | 08:30 AM | Landing, Myers Park, McKinney, Texas
Jul 26 | 09:00 AM | Myers Park
Jul 26 | 09:00 AM | Landing, Myers Park, McKinney, Texas
Jul 29 | 06:30 PM | Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center
What is Earth-Kind Gardening?
Not a fad. Earth-Kind is an approach to gardening that will make you a success.
Dealing with the Drought
Learn some things you can do to help your garden survive during watering restrictions.
CCMGA 2014 Scholarship
Graduating seniors pursuing a field in Botany, Entomology, Environmental Science, Forestry, or Horticulture are eligible to apply.
This Month's Garden Checklist
See the list of things to do this month to keep your garden gorgeous.
What's Blooming in the Demo Gardens?
Come out to Myers Park and visit the Research and Demonstration Gardens. There's always something in bloom.
Read the latest Garden Wise Gazette
Check out the current issue of our newsletter about gardening in Collin County.
What is the best mulch to use in my flower beds? How often do I put it out and how much do I use?

Organic mulches are the best to use in your landscape.  Native hardwood mulches are readily available from the municipal recycling programs and also many retailers.  These hardwood mulches will break down to act as a natural fertilizer to your plants. Mulches also discourage weeds, cool the soil temperature, protect from erosion and conserve water.  Mulch should be kept at a 3 inch depth and can be applied anytime of the year.  The most common time is in the spring.  The depth of the mulch should be checked in the fall as well.