Annual Bulb and Perennial Mart
In North Texas, fall is the ideal time to plant your perennials, shrubs and spring blooming bulbs. Shop the 2015 CCMGA Bulb & Perennial Mart to get the perfect plants you need to enhance your green space.


Sep 10 | 10:45 AM | Gardening Friends of Heritage Ranch
Sep 12 | 10:00 AM | Melissa City Hall and Public LIbrary
Sep 12 | 10:00 AM | Melissa City Hall and Public LIbrary
Sep 15 | 10:15 AM | Frisco Garden Club
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When should I begin pruning my trees and Shrubs?

The optimum time for pruning of trees and shrubs is January through early March when trees and shrubs are dormant. This is also the best time to move established plants to new locations. When considering the pruning of evergreen shrubs such as photinias, hollies or pittosporum, remember that new growth with which to cover pruned areas will not occur until March or April so the sooner you prune, the longer you will have to look at the ugly scene which you have created. Just be patient and wait until January or February to prune. The plants will appreciate the consideration. Also a word to the wise: If you will initially choose the best adapted shrub or tree which will ultimately only grow to the intended size for the location it is planted, VERY LITTLE PRUNING WILL EVER BE NECESSARY. A list of recommended trees and shrubs with their ultimate size is available from the County Extension Service Office. THINK and PLAN before you PLANT!